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Title: Turning Pages Author: colormeloved Fandom (if any):… - Weekly Adverb Drabbles [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Weekly Adverb Drabbles

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[Nov. 14th, 2006|01:49 am]
Weekly Adverb Drabbles


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[mood |indescribable]

Title: Turning Pages
Author: colormeloved
Fandom (if any): None
Prompt: "Eloquently"
Rating: General

It was all in the eloquent process of his fingers.

His body barely shifted at all from the same position, but his fingers were in constant motion. They’d start at the top of the page, the ring finger delicately following the edge and then pulling it separated from the others so that the tiniest finger could slip underneath.

Then each finger crept behind, gliding down in increments almost too slow to watch, until he finished the last line- the last word. Once the page was turned, the fingertips pressed gently on until it rested, then returned to patiently start again.

Title: A Needed Apology
Author: colormeloved
Fandom (if any): None
Prompt: "Eloquently"
Rating: General

Apologies were never his strong suit.

He’d always found a way to justify his poor behavior, or else he had provoked someone into behaving poorly to a much greater extent so that his offense somehow seemed lessened.

But she was waiting for an apology; she deserved one.

Scratching idly at his left wrist, he thought through at least a half dozen ways to say it that might make her swoon in her forgiveness.

In the end, he looked up at her with a hitched brow and a guilty, crooked grin.

“I’m an ass,” he muttered, rather eloquently.

“You’re damn right.”